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Many people ask me what I mean by organic. Simply put, we grow in harmony with nature. We avoid all synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We also look at nature in our customer's outdoor spaces. The soil is always the beginning. Our understanding of the makeup of the soil is very important in order to provide what it needs. Restoring resources plants use is accomplished by adding organic matter, compost is rich in nutrients and microorganisms. Soil is a living entity that we nurture to its fullest capacity. Healthy soil produces healthy plants. Organic means nature is smiling upon us. Choosing the right plants for the right place is another stage of being organic gardeners. Growing plants that adapt to your region, lighting conditions, air circulation, previous land use, pH, water drainage, direction of gardens, aesthetics, all create a healthy garden without chemicals. The Inch By Inch crew knows how to determine your needs. We also know pests, bugs and animals, are a factor and the best ways to limit their damage. It also helps to know the difference between good bugs and bad bugs and what plants will attract beneficial bugs and organisms. Organic also means worms. Those wiggly little creatures are major nutrient makers. I believe that organic is not changing nature but assisting to replenish the vital needs of nature that we sometimes have neglected or destroyed. I hope that we can all live in harmony with nature.


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